Snuggle in...To The Spa!

This treatment consists of a warm, creamy butter brulee milk wrap to nestle you in- these buttery fats nourish and ease skin irritations. Then your skin will be buffed and smoothed with  FHF Brandy Pear infused sugar and rice bran oil scrub. A luxe Agave oils are then massaged into the skin for true softness! A warm and decadent winter delight!

                       60 minute service/$85


 Dry room body scrubs! ( A dry room simply means that the scrubs are gently removed with heated spa towels, and not a table shower) You will wear a body wrap / robe and remain under the blankets during the entire session as each part of you is gently massaged with our scrumptious scrubs and lotions. It's like a massage and a body facial all wrapped up in one amazing treatment. (treated areas are back, arms, shoulders, declotte, legs, hands and feet.)

This luxurious treatment is a one hour stand alone service or it can be added to a Facial or Massage. 

We begin with a gentle aromatic body scrub. The scrub is applied with a gentle, melodic touch. This allows for new cell regeneration along with silky smooth skin. Followed by removal with heated spa towels. Next, Our FHF masque is applied to the same areas. You will then be wrapped in warm layers of blankets to allow the serums to penetrate. While you are cozy, refreshed and warm, our technician will provide a neck, shoulder and scalp massage. Finally, our FHF Moisturizer is applied to finish the treatment.

You may relax for a few moments before concluding your visit, or go onto another service with our Esthetician or Massage Therapist.