Massage Therapy

                Licensed Massage Therapist

AMTA Certified!

Offering 60 & 90 Minute

Swedish Massage  $80.00/$115.00
Relaxes the entire body. Increases the level of oxygen in the blood , decreases muscle toxins, improves flexibility & eases tension 

Deep Tissue    $90.00/$130.00
Concentrates on the deep layers of muscle & fascia. May aide in the relief of chronic pain due to inflammation. Eases stress & tension 

Sports   $90.00
Concentrates on specific parts of the body that are over used & stressed. Reduces recovery time.

Senior Massage    $80.00/hr

Senior massage encompasses basic relaxation and stress relief and is also a beneficial tool in fighting many of the symptoms of aging.

Reflexology $45

30 minute treatment

​​Exceptional Additions

Hot Stone Therapy     $15.00/$25.00

Aromatherapy             $15.00/$25.00

Scalp Massage           $15.00/$25.00

  Sauna                         $20.00
         *Infrared Sauna Session is a great way to complete your massage and further your muscle relaxation